The Role Of Marriage In 'The Country Wife'

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The dynamics of marriage can be seen throughout The Country Wife. Within the play most people marry for appearances alone. Women are treated as if they are property, which can be seen when Mr. Pinchwife continues to lock his wife in her room and forbids her to communicate with any man. Mrs. Pinchwife’s sister, Alithea believes that she should marry Sparkish because her society status expects her to marry him. The marriage between Lady Fidget and Sir Jasper is beneficial to his business, which is why he treats her more like an asset than a wife. The procession can be seen because Sir Jasper has the recurrence of asking Horner to “over watch” his wife because she cannot cuckold him with Horner. The play depicts the constant struggle of dominance between females and males. Pinchwife believes that “if we do not cheat women, they’ll cheat us”, his extreme jealous becomes his downfall. He exposes her to other men in hopes it will make her more faithful but it shows her there are different men out there. Women are expected to continue to be faithful to their husbands, which is why Lady Fidget uses sex as a weapon. She uses it for vengeance toward her husband, for a moral victory and making their husbands to become what they all afraid to become- a cuckold.
“The plots of Restoration drama begin, develop, and end in concerns about gender, sexuality, and marriage. The demarcation of masculine and feminine domains, the desire of one sex for the other, and the institutions charged
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