The Role Of Marriage In The Victorian Era

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Marriage In The Victorian Era It is a symbol of a forever unity between two people where they exchange rings or any relic which will signify their undying love for each other. There are promises being made in this union such as until death do us apart , in sickness and in health and more. Marriage is something that have been part of our lives since the beginning of time but it is something that comes changing from generation to generation. Each era has something that outstands in it and the Victorian era made no exception in it. As time goes by marriage comes changing , nowadays there is marriage between genders which is something that was seen as a taboo back in the day. Even though marriage keeps changing during the Victorian era marriage…show more content…
Since the moment that they were born they were taught and raised to become the perfect housewife for their future husbands. In the Victorian era it was very common for the weddings to take place in the month of June because it represented the Roman goddess Juno and it was said that if they got married in that month the goddess was going to bring prosperity and joy the couple. It took quite the preparation for mothers to prepare their daughters for their marriage, there were a lot of rules that needed to be followed. Image was very important for the young ladies so they were never left alone with a boy they were always accompanied by an elder and it was important for the girl to ask permission if she could go out with the boy. A behavior of a young girl said a lot on how she was raised so flirting was very limited for them and it was due to for them not to have any misconception on the girls attitude. Courtship came at first at the chain , it would first start will small talks between the girl and the boy and it would lead to them taking a walk to talk things out. It was very typical for the couple to be on the same economic class otherwise it would have been very odd to see the couple coming from different social
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