The Role Of Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs

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Education class has taught me many important lessons such as the different learning styles, the importance of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and that no students are “lazy and dumb.” The three basic learning styles are kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. As an art teacher I plan on covering all learning styles by showing students examples of the project, having written instructions on the board, and reading the instructions out loud so that the children are able to fully understand what they are supposed to do. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is important to know because it explains the basic needs a person needs in their life. As an art teacher I will keep non messy snacks in the room so that students can take a snack break if they are hungry. I will also make sure that every student feels safe and like they belong in the class. Lastly I will make sure that no students feel as though they are thought of as being lazy or dumb in my class. By giving each student 3 forms of instructions, desks arranged to form groups, and the feeling of safety, any student should feel comfortable enough in the class to ask anyone in the room what they are supposed to be doing.
One way that this course is what I expected it to be was that no subject was too difficult to learn. The fact that it is an education class let me know that even if a lesson was difficult, it would be taught in a way I could understand. Another way the class was what I expected was that many classes involved group work. This
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