The Role Of Media And Communications Developed Over The Last Century?

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How has the study of media and communications developed over the last century?

Media and communications are powerful tools in the world that has had major input in the development of technology and knowledge. However, there are theoretical aspects that have gone into the development of media and communications such Marxism, structuralism, cultural studies, subcultural theory, feminism and postmodernism. Louis Althusser (1970) wrote an essay called ‘Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses’, in which he explains how the various parts of social formation- “the family, education, the mass media, cultural and political institutions” all serve to preserve the sense of the ruling ideology (Hebdige, 2012). This connotes that there are many things that have influenced the development of mass media.
The theory came from Karl Marx (1848) who anticipated the different classes are used as a way of maintaining social order. The theory focuses on the social standing of different classes and their relation to each other in an oppressed society. Marx co-wrote a book called ‘The German Ideology’, with Frederick Engels, which they stated, “the one goal of ideology is to legitimize those forces in a position of hegemony” (Modules on Marx: Ideology, 2011). He believed the manner that people thought was based on the economic status of the country they were based in. Furthermore, he thought people were affected by false consciousness, which is when people’s beliefs have been
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