The Role Of Media Attitudes And Perceptions Of Muslims And Islam

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A. Problem Statement: To analyze and assess the role of media in the shaping of attitudes and perceptions of Muslims and Islam. As well as, identifying how these framings, specifically from Western media, can incite feelings of fear and hatred towards Muslims and Islam.
B. Population/ Area of Focus: Young Adults and Adults with access to broadcast and internet media

Thesis Statement: Due to limited exposure to Islam and the Muslim lifestyle and a narrow scope of news reporting there is an ever increasing trend of Islamophobia affecting many individuals throughout many different countries.

Literature Review:
Trevino, Kanso, & Nelson (2010) examined three major newspapers, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post, for content analysis to establish if Muslims were portrayed negatively in print media post 9/11. They found that newspaper portrayals of Muslims prior to September 11, 2001, in fact, did differ from the portrayals post September 11, 2001. Most references to Muslims, in both cases, were largely unfavorable, but there was an increase in neutral references and a decrease in favorable references. Journalists in this given opportunity did not show any particular bias while reporting, but it was found that all three newspapers had a high percentage of unfavorable terms when it came to reports involving Muslims. Some of the most recycled terms were: terror/terrorist/terrorism, extremist/extremism, fundamentalist/fundamentalism,…
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