The Role Of Media Management On Crisis Communication

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The importance of media management in crisis communication


Crisis according to Laura (2013, p. 51), can be defined as any situation that threatens harms or cause panic among people. Crisis may occur due to accidents, war, and flood or fire attack. During this period, the public, who may be affected by the crisis because they are found in the situation or their next of kin are involved in it, rely on a lot of information that is relayed by the media. Because of this, the media must be careful of what they report. The information that the media convey to the public according to Laura (2013, p. 50) may cool the situation, and reduce the tension that has been built by the parties concerned. However, if they are not mindful of
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Literature review

Research has been done on the role the media should play during the crisis. Other people should have
also researched on how the media should play this role. For instance, Taffel, A., in the year 2007 did research on how to enhance Public Relations During the crisis (Taffel 2011, p. 112). In his research, Taffel observed that, it is necessary to monitor the information that is relied on the public so that, the image of the agency that is in crisis is not tarnished. In his research, Taffel had suggested that the organization must balance the information that o is relayed the public (Taffel 2011, p. 112). He observes that, it is necessary to balance between truths and lies so that the level of tension is reduced. In the research, taffel adds that, if the media is allowed to report on everything, they may kill the reputation that the company has.

In 2011, Yan, J., Brooke, F. L and Lucinda, L. A. did a research on the role of the social media in effective crisis management. The research had been prompted by the manner in which a lot of propaganda was spread via the social media during the Arab spring (Yan, Brookes and Lucinder 2011, p.3). In the paper, the researchers observe that, crisis can be best managed by the medal if they can control the information that they give to the public. The researchers observe that, if the media gives information that is contradicting, the public may become more anxious.

Despite the fact
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