The Role Of Migrant Youth And Crime

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Title: Assignment 1 - Essay Student Name: James Patrick Ryan Student Id: 17832377 Unit: (400684) Juvenile Crime and Justice Word Count: 1569 Question: Discuss the media’s contribution to a racialized construction of the relationship between migrant youth and crime. Begin this discussion by describing the term racialisation. The effect of labelling potential offenders and the causal relationship between label and offence is an enduring question for criminal sociologists (Cunneen 1995). The criminalisation of ethnic and immigrant minorities has been linked to the ‘Other’ or fear of a stranger and it is the internal justification for the use of asymmetrical responses when compared to non-minority crime (Collins & Reid 2009). The…show more content…
The process of criminalisation refers to instances where certain groups of people are more likely to come into contact with police due to an ascribed characteristic of criminality (Scott 2007). Both racialisation and criminalisation can be embodied in institutional practices such as the discriminatory practice of ‘hot-spot’, ‘zero tolerance’ or ‘stop and search’ campaigns in ethnic enclaves or targeting minorities through profiling of recent offenders (Scott 2007; Poyting, Noble, Tabar 2001). News agencies can develop racializing narratives by priorities stories which show urban decay and violence in collaboration with the police which specify the race of the offender when they are a minority (Windle 2008). Crime can be causally linked by police and media to ethnicity which result in institutional responses targeting minority groups and generates crime data of ethnic crime (Poyting, Noble, Tabar 2001). This can be considered a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ as minority groups are overrepresented in the media leading to moral panics around the perceived high level of crime committed by minority groups which result in over policing of ethnic groups in an attempt at being seen to ‘do something’ about a constructed crime problem and ‘problem group’ (Windle 2008). This is further
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