The Role Of Multiphase Pumps On Petroleum Industry

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Research Strategy explains the methods of data collection during the research, notably primary or secondary research. There exist several methods for data collection including structured or unstructured observation, discussions, case studies, direct, postal or online surveys, direct or telephonic interviews, focus group interviews and carrying out experiments (Saunders et al. 2009). The primary data collection is not possible in the present study due to the inability to reach or access the actual locations where the multiphase pumps have been installed and operated. Moreover, it is understood that the availability of substantial amount of secondary data offsets this disadvantage. Analysis of past data, data sheets and brochures of…show more content…
The data would have to be further optimized by paring out all the variables including the environmental conditions to the extent possible.
Data collection is amongst the most significant stages of the research process which includes quantitative and qualitative data. The secondary data is to be identified and collated from existing literature, past research work, peer reviewed journals, professional magazines and online websites (Creswell 2009). The current study has to rely on secondary data and must put in considerable effort through clinical search and study of the existing literature which includes data sheets, magazines, peer reviewed journals, previous research articles, online websites, past research papers, thesis and books on the subject-matter (Bryman and Hardy 2009). (Kumar 2011) elaborates on the significance of collating valid and comparable secondary data wherein the data from various sources can be used to move consistently from generalizations to specifics. (Wei 2011; Spirig 2011) bring out that there are researches that can be entirely conducted based on secondary data when reliable and accurate data exists in sufficient quantity.
The current research intends to use secondary data alone considering inaccessibility of systems and personnel for
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