The Role Of Nature Versus Nurture In The Development Of

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The role of nature versus nurture in the development of humans has been frequently argued in physiological, psychological, and nonacademic settings. Nature includes both genetic predispositions and evolutionary biological processes, while nurture consists of factors such as the environment in which a child is raised, prenatal conditions, or life experiences. Emotional processes and their elicited behaviors and feelings each play a large role in our character. It is therefore important to consider the necessary function of and connections between innate processes and the environment in the development of the emotional system. With a clear intention of evaluating the effects of the environment on developing children, Bos et al. (2011)…show more content…
15). Without an adequate and dependable caregiver, the children do not have someone to guide their emotional development and condition them to various stimuli. There is likely no constant mentor to stimulate the child or serve as an example for consciously associating feelings back to certain body changes or the emotion-causing trigger itself. As a result, their neural physiology and networking of the neurons in the brain differ quite greatly from those of individuals who were given considerably more attention and care in their youth. Not only does the biology differ, however; the emotional baseline on its own is significantly lower than that of a foster care or familial group, making it very difficult for the child to discern emotional consequences or even to know how to react to a stimulus. The functionality of emotion is thus impacted, and the laws of Frijda (1988) that govern emotion can help to understand what happens when one is deprived of adequate environmental conditions required for the proper development of emotional systems. Damasio (2010) outlines the emotional system that results in a feeling with a biological process in mind. The inherent and biological base of his argument can be immediately recognized in that the governing factor, the “need and the motivation” (p. 114), of initiating an emotion is life regulation, or the
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