The Role Of New Media On The Way Of News Production

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In recent years, a shift has been created by new media, it has opened new spaces and changed various aspects of the very nature of news production and consumption (Shapiro, 2010). This essay evaluates the arguments surrounding this change, such as the debate over whether situated journalists are too subjective as opposed to the expectations of objectivity in traditional news media. The benefits that ‘informal’ journalists bring to news production are analysed in comparison to formal and distanced news production. With the immediacy of new media, the way news is consumed has changed, there is room to have a dialogue and interact with it in consumer’s pursuit of the truth. With the growing prominence of situated journalists, the growth of new media and the increasing informational appetite of the consumer, progressively more news is produced and consumed in a variety of different ways and with different implications across the world. These key arguments are explored to critically evaluate the role and effects of new media on the way the news is produced and consumed. According to Blaagaard (2013) news production currently holds an inbuilt contradiction, although it claims objectivity through its professionalism, it is still is ‘nationally specific’. However, just as embedded journalist and citizen journalists are situated and more overtly subjective, traditional news media “veils its bias” of national ‘situatedness’ through professionalism (Blaagaard, 2013, p.187).…
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