The Role Of Ngos During The Development Of Countries

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Ebony Ali
Assess the role of NGOs in processes of development in Africa
This essay will analyse the role of NGOs in the development of countries in Africa, looking at the benefits and detriments that come as a result of NGO involvement in the affairs of African states.
NGOs are non-governmental organisations that act independently from the countries in which they are set up in. There are many different types of NGOs but the two most common types either: deliver basic services to those in need or manage policy advocating public campaigns for change (Lewis and Kanji P.1). The latter usually involves empowering citizens and using routine political channels, or sometimes more aggressive acts of protest, such as marches or demonstrations (Desai, p. 569).
NGO’s workings in development have become increasingly prevalent at local, national and world-wide levels this is due to globalisation. NGOs have delivered basic services to people in need all over the world including countries such as, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami disaster. In addition, NGOs have been active in international movements for relief and trade reform such as ‘make poverty history’ a campaign that is part of the Global Call for Action against poverty (GCAP.)
Some examples of service providing or charitable NGOs that are based in the Northern more developed parts of the world (i.e. Europe and North America) are; Oxfam, Save the Children
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