The Role Of Non Verbal Communication On Intercultural Communication

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With the development of cultural organisation,the intercultural communication has become more ligual and more significant than ever before (Wang, 2007). As an international language, English has played an prominent role in making the communication easy between two people with different cultural backgrounds. As a result, the EFL education has concluded the communicative sufficiency as one of the important goals of English as Foreign Language teaching. It seems that intercultural communication will be a successful, as long as the speaker has achieved high qualification in the enlish languag.As it is shown in many studies that the failure in understandings in intercultural communication are largely based by the miscommunication of nonverbal behaviours (Arasaratnam & Banerjee, 2007; Ma, 1996). It is, therefore, significant to reach the awareness of the nonverbal communication in the accessment of intercultural communication.
NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION This study goal is to examine the role of non-verbal communication in intercultural communication.particular,ly the study identifies the importance of understanding and using non verbal behaviour in living and study in an English speaking country. Moreover, the research reveals some difficulties that participants have encountered when they communicate intercultural. These difficulties further suggest the need of incorporating skills of nonverbal communication in to English language teaching is to enable English
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