The Role Of Nora And Mrs. Linde In A Doll's House

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Once read a Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, myself was really impressed how Ibsen embraces women equality and power in society, conveying in a general theme of freedom in social life. This play was written in 1879 furthermore it aroused great controversy at that time. Many analysis about this book, locates the spotlight on to Mrs. Nora, which her main role concludes on her leaving his husband and kids completely defying the rules of society in that time. However people and critics reduce the importance of other characters in the play, in this case Mrs. Kristine Linde. While Mrs. Linde appears like a minor character and with a slight role in Nora’s transformation, she may have a fundamental part in Nora’s conversion in the play. Nora and Mrs. Linde move in opposite paths throughout the play. Mrs. Linde or Christine, starts as being a independent women not having any family obligations; On the other hand Nora has a devoted husband and several children. Whereas Mrs. Linde had a very problematic past, Nora has had it relatively easy. So, how did Mrs. Linde affected Nora’s transformation. When the audience is presented to Mrs. Linde, she seems to be quite a contrast to the childish Nora. Nora is presented as a immature and insecure women. Mrs. Linde is a harsh and wise woman. This character has been through a lot of hard…show more content…
Linde actions really start to affect directly to Nora’s destiny. Nils offers to take back the incriminating letter, but Christine has made up her mind: Yes, in that first panic. But it’s been a whole day and night since then. Helmer’s got to learn everything; this dreadful secret has to be aired; those two have to come to a full understanding; all these lies and evasion can’t go on (1011; act 3). She deliberately stops Krogstad from claming back his letter and detonates the explosion which changes everything. The Helmers would have to wrestle with the repugnant mess Nora has brought upon herself out of devotion to her
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