The Role Of Nurse Leader With Advocacy

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Combining Nurse Leader With Advocacy
The focus of this paper is to expatiate on the role of nurse leader in advocacy and their responsibilities in the transformation of the health care in today’s industry. The role of nurse managers has a far-reaching effect on the overall shaping of the health care industry for the future American health system and most especially in fulfilling the expertise needed in the complex and dynamic health care safety environment. This can only be achieved with the help of the nurse leader willing to effect the change.
Personal and Professional Accountability Education is power, which can take an individual to places. According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, more education will be needed in today’s nursing practice in order to meet the challenges of today and future health care. (IOM, 2010). My goal is to proceed to the Master’s level post baccauleratte (BSN) with yearly CCU as a form of continuous education and also the hospital’s compelled in-services. Major focus at the present time will be on the management and advocacy in relation to staffing, and burnout by nurses. Something needs to be done pertaining to this area, though some approaches has been used in the past that took me by surprise. In this area in general, I see myself with a competent experience. Concerning ethical behavior and practice, in this area, I possess an expert practice in the sense that I practice within the acceptable standard set for
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