The Role Of Nurses As An Effective Leader

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The role of nurses has historically been one of partnerships. Nurses serve as the adhesive of healthcare by interacting and partnering with professionals in the care process. Whether a family member, laboratory technician, physician or even a nutrition aide delivering a tray the nurse has always been there to interact at all levels of care. Baccalaureates prepared nurses provide patient ¬centered care by respecting values, and serving patient needs as effective advocates. Patient advocacy is paramount in the nursing professional requiring nurses to deliver exceptional care, evaluate outcomes, and serve as leaders in the improvement of health care (AACN, 2016). Transition Transitioning from an associate degree to a diploma nurse has made…show more content…
The differences as it relates to competencies between ADN and BSN are may seem minimal in writing however they require large undertaking of responsibilities. ADN prepared nurses participate in activities that promote the development and practice of professional nursing (BON, 2010). BSN prepared nurses exclusively focus on advocacy and leadership of the nursing profession, Additionally, since the BSN nurse must be able to assess populations and communities the care cannot be limited to patients and their families. Advocacy and leadership are exercised in the BSN nurse’s ability to assess population and systemically approach and advocate change in legislation. According to the Board of Nursing (BON) BSN programs must place emphasis on scope altering topics such as practice research, community, and leadership (BON, 2013). BSN graduates are able to provide care for communities and society within the context of the environment, available resources, and technology. However, ADN and BSN prepared nurses must both function within the scope of practice and must abide according to their employers policies and regulations. Additionally, all nurses assume responsibility and accountability for the quality of nursing care provided to patients and their families. The exception lies within BSN prepared nurses, as the care provided must also encompass communities and population. Finally, all nurses must Display accountability
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