The Role Of Nurses During The Healthcare System

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Nursing Colleague Feedback The role of nurses is very important and vital in the transformation of the health care system and they always take initiations to keep up with the changes made by the government and the organization for the provision of quality care to the patients. In order to keep up with the changings, nurses are acquiring higher education and fulfilling the demands of the reformed health care. Nurses are performing different roles in the betterment of the reformed health care as mentioned in the PPACA, the renewed role of nurses especially the APRNs providing care in wellness and preventive care. These roles are possible by nurses led clinics and all this is possible by nurse leadership in this healthcare system supported by government where they care practice with their full capacity of knowledge (Haney, 2010). The writer shared this presentation with the colleagues and requested their observations about the renovated health care system and the diversified role of nurses in the system. Colleague 1 The writer presented this presentation to one of the colleague, who is the supervisor of the geriatrics unit and acquiring higher education as a nurse practitioner. According to colleague 1, interdisciplinary team’s collaboration in the patient care is very important and very essential in the provision of wellness and preventive care. It will assist in reduction of hospital readmission and is cost-effective care. Also due to collaborative care, patient become more
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