The Role Of Nurses Of Mother Infant Care After Birth

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Roles of Nurses in mother-infant care after birth Care of the Infants Nursing care of the newborn includes supporting cardiopulmonary and thermoregulatory function and identifying the infant. In addition, assess the infant for approximate gestational age (Murray, 2009). Identifying the Infants One of the supports a practical nurse can provide to a new parent(s) is by identifying their infant. This can be done by fixing bands with matching imprinted numbers and identifying information on both the newborn and mother in order to ensure that the right baby goes to the right mother after any separation. The nurse must check that imprinted band number and mother’s name correspond on each set of bands and have the parent(s) confirm this information at the time of banding (Murray, 2009). Maintaining Cardiopulmonary Function Nurse can assess the infant’s Apgar score at 1and 5 minutes (and at 10 minutes if response is poor) after birth for quick assessment of early cardiopulmonary adaptation. Heart rate, respirations, oxygen saturation, temperature and behavioural condition can also be examined in order to evaluate preterm neonates physiological and behavioural responses of infants (Montgomery, 2001). Educate on breast feeding Breastfeeding is a source of food for babies and also a supporting intervention that can be encouraged by nurses to maximize physical contact between mothers and their infants (Kearvell, 2008). Hence, nurses should endeavour to encourage new mothers to
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