The Role Of Nurses On Risk Of Cesarean Births

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The Nurses Role In Minimizing Risk of Cesarean Births Tara Harper Delaware County Community College The Nurses Role In Minimizing Risk of Cesarean Births A woman, pregnant for the first time, tells her doctor that she would like to have a scheduled cesarean, to avoid experiencing the pain of labor. This is a common discussion that takes place and more often the physician is giving his consent. What happened to cesarean births being a choice when all efforts have failed? More than 4 million women give birth in the United States each year and slightly more than one-third of these women give birth by cesarean section (King, 2012). It is the most frequent surgery performed in the United States for…show more content…
Literature Review Cesarean deliveries are generally classified as primary, repeat, elective, and emergent (Roberts & Mangan, 2009). The repeat and primary are the most common performed deliveries. To lower the total cesarean section rate, which is the sum of all repeat and primary procedures, decreasing the number of primary cesarean sections is a crucial first step (King, 2012). There are several reasons for the rapid increase in cesarean births. The relationships between maternal patients, nursing staff levels and nurse-sensitive outcomes have a direct correlation on the rapid increase of cesarean births. It is recognized that hospitals carry a significant burden in the prevention of adverse outcomes that range from nurse staffing levels to the internal process and infrastructure of the hospital setting (Wilson & Blegen, 2010). Nurses are expected to monitor and measure patient outcomes and the processes that are in place to achieve a high level of care. Nurse staffing is a significant part in the provision of care. Hospitals with better nurse staffing have better clinical outcomes, and higher staffing levels are associated with a 2% to 25% reduction in adverse events, which includes cesarean births (Wilson & Blegen, 2010). Increased patient education can also impact and aid in minimizing the risk of cesarean births. Potential reasons for cesarean delivery per maternal request include fear of the pain associated with
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