The Role Of Nursing As A Profession

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Promoting Nursing as a Profession. Introduction This assignment will focus on the role of the nurse within an adult field where it will explore the history of nursing, define what nursing is and explore nursing principles such as the fundamentals of care. It will analyse this while utilising a nursing model and process which enables the nurse to provide professional care of the highest standard to the patients we dedicate our time to. It will also display that nursing now requires academic study by using evidence based practice to show how it has evolved, and is now regarded as a profession. This conforms to legislation set out by government and professional bodies. It will also explain why all nurses and midwives in the United Kingdom…show more content…
Nursing in these times were non-educated and later thought to believe that women who learnt through second-hand information within families, worked through trial and error to give care to others. There was great focus around evil spirits, and that of doing wrong to god, when becoming ill, you were repaid for your sins. Nursing became apparent in the UK within The Middle Ages and the name ‘nurse’ derived from the Latin ‘nutricius’ meaning ‘to nourish’. During this era, care was normally given at home as institutes run by religious women were thought to be a place where you only went if you had no such family to provide care. They were unclean and the women that gave treatment had no means of training. By the time of the Renaissance Period the profession had moved on through means of scientific and technological findings. There were many influential people within history who helped evolve nursing into the practice it is today such as Elizabeth Fry. She founded the ‘Protestant Sisters Charity’ where nurses who attended would undertake education through observations of patients on a nursing programme. News spread to Germany to begin and then to other parts of the world, but within Germany, a now dubbed heroine, called Florence Nightingale undertook similar training of that devised by Elizabeth Fry and completed a two year training programme. When she helped in the Crimean War by using her training, she
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