The Role Of Observation Of Psychological Research

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Option B Discuss the role of observation in psychological research, drawing from examples from chapters 3, 6 and 8 of Investigating Psychology In order to evaluate the usefulness of observational studies in psychological research this assignment will first briefly explain the role of observation. It will proceed by drawing from an example of observational studies conducted by Bandura et al (1963) as cited in Oates (2014), in order to illuminate the value of observation. Additionally it will explore any implications that may arise by adopting the method of observation. It will then move forward to the ethnographic study conducted by Corsaro (2006), which will highlight how one of these implications can be addressed (Brownlow, 2014).…show more content…
This observational study set out to determine if under specific conditions children would reproduce acts of aggression. In this experiment there were four groups: One group which was the control group and where no violence was initiated; and three other groups,which were the experimental conditions. In the experimental groups violence was present but varied with how it was performed. For instance, either a live model, a live model in a film, or a film where the model took fantasy formation, (for example a cat), were witnessed by participants, delivering violent acts to a doll. The Independent variable was the level of aggression that the children were exposed to. Oates (2014) describes that in order to control external variables Bandura et al (2014) selected participants that displayed the same level of aggression, and used the same amount of boys and girls. Half of the participants saw a male model and half saw a female model in order to reduce gender differences impacting on the findings. Briefly, this observational study presented the experimental groups with a model carrying out aggressive acts on a 'Bobo doll ', a second room was used in order to further irritate participants and a third room was used to film the children demonstrating acts of violence so this could be analysed later using a coding system. Bandura et al (1963) as
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