The Role Of Occupational Roles Determine Correct Behavior For A Manager And An Employee

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Attaining Expertise

One of the most beneficial solutions to life problems solving is new experiences and skills. There are rules that people are expected to follow. Rules are the conventions of everyday life that make our interactions with other people predictable and orderly. Some rules matter of the law. Occupational roles determine correct behavior for a manager and an employee, a professor and student. Attaining expertise come with experience and training. Change is relatively easy it is an entrenched habit of thinking or behavior takes considerable time and effort. One has to change themselves, but also their relationships with others who may be rewarding the or old ways if they want the problems to be solve. Learning new skills improves one 's working memory, better verbal intelligence and above all increases dialectal skills. In the end, the more expert you become, the less work the brain has to do. Over time, acquired skills become automatic, and one does not have to think about what they are doing. The fact that our behavior is to a large extent predetermined by our connection with other people should not induce us to lose sight of the most private and unique facets of our personalities. It is, of course easy for us to slip into the idea that our meanings are obviously better that those developed by other cultures. Because they are so thoroughly a part of ourselves, they seem right and proper just as some of the behavior that seems peculiar,
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