The Role Of Oversexualization Of Women In Film

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In film today we are surrounded by the oversexualization of both men and women. Constant images of bodies in provocative clothing, positions and behaviors are being shown, but for some reason there is a double standard that only normalizes it for me, while women are shamed for it. At the same time women are shamed for acting equal to men or being sexual beings, these images of them are almost always present in film because according to Laura Mulvey who wrote “Visual pleasure and narrative cinema” (1975), we are humans are trained to view things from a male, heterosexual gaze. When current actress and comedian, Amy Schumer, is taken into consideration she is considered “edgy” because she does not fall under the stereotypical behavior expected…show more content…
Amanada Hess, a writer for a magazine online claims that the skit “is at once scatological, sexy, and subversive—exactly the feminist flavor that’s made Schumer’s Comedy Central sketch show a hit even among the networks target demo of young men. “Milk, Milk, Lemonade” is also a sly little sweetener: a way for the show to lure viewers into their seats before serving them more complicated fare” (Hess, 2015. N.P). A fascinating thing about new female comedy is that sex is being presented differently. Women are now taking back the sexual desire so it is no longer just something a man wants or can provide, but something both genders desire equally. Sex and the City is an example of a media that empowered women’s sexually and self-love, proving it does not have to feed into the male gaze. As Mulvey says, women are not “freez[ing] the flow of action”. (Donna K, 2015. N.P). Women play a vital role in media and must be present for the media to be successful, whether audiences have recognized this or not. Many women in society feel that the “stories of women remain untold and the reminder that lives exist beyond…show more content…
Laura Mulvey claims a female in film is two things: An erotic object for the characters within the narrative to view and an erotic object for the spectators in the cinema to view. Schumer takes this idea and reverses it, truly changing the way we view film. She puts female voice first so it is no longer just an object of the male gaze, it is one of it’s own. She openly mocks stereotypes and breaks free of gender roles. When watching her show “You’re seduced by Schumer’s slutty, silly, superficial archetype, and while you’re doubled over in laughter, the message sinks its teeth in” (Sadaf Ahsan, 2015. N.P). Schumer is a hilarious under-cover feminist, which means she attacks these gender role issues and Male Gaze issues with comedy and satire, to make viewers laugh but also understand just how absurd the media can be when it comes to portraying women. The film industry needs the role of women to succeed, but usually put the second the man, always in the serving position. Movies such as Trainwreck, put women in the power position, where they have more say and can start to be viewed as equals to men, with the same mind set, instead of there just to be “hot”. Continuing forward,
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