The Role Of Participants During The Vietnam War

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Many historians have been arguing the fact whether or not Canada played the role of bystanders or the role of participants during the Vietnam War. However, based on research, it is clear to conclude that during the Vietnam War, Canada did in fact play the role of participants though not explicitly because, it harboured thousands of refugees, it provided the U.S with supplies, and thousands of Canadians volunteered to help out in the war.
First of all, Canada was responsible for harbouring tens of thousands of refugees, many of which were seeking safety from being conscripted or being killed due to violence of the war. As the Vietnam War progressed and got more intense, the American Government wanted more soldiers to go out and fight in the war and the only way for them to recruit the desired amount of soldiers was through recruiting by force, or as it is called, conscription. Many of the American citizens did not like the idea of conscription, so they sought refuge in Canada. Canada harboured an astonishing number of draft dodgers, approximately 30,000 throughout the period of the war. (The Vietnam War: Canada 's Role, Part One, Harbouring this many refugees saved the lives of thousands and it demonstrates the kindness and understanding Canada had for the Americans who tried to avoid being conscripted. Furthermore, even before South Vietnam surrendered, Canada promised to accept more South…
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