The Role Of Peaceful Resistance In America

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Peaceful resistance in today's society is counted as just as bad as violent riots. As Americans with our constitutional rights should have the ability to peacefully resist anything that we find unjust but within current events it is seen as being a criminal for showing your opinion. I believe that peaceful resistance should have a positive impact on our country and that it should be seen as powerful rather than as weakness caused by the displeasure of events. As a country it is our job to take into consideration the rights and beliefs of all rather than few. For example within my own community there was a peaceful resistance or peaceful protest at our local university in which around 70 to 100 people were arrested simply for showing their…show more content…
As a country we must unite rather than be torn apart by senseless fighting. We are the United States of America divided over senseless things. We must unite in some way and become a country together again. Throughout the new year there have been many protests both peaceful and violent and to many they are seen as the same but they are vastly different in that there is a small chance of one getting what they are working towards. Throughout history we are a country founded on resistance. From the time that we arrived in America it has been a country of resistance. From war to sit-ins we have attempted to resist many things that we have found unjust and in many cases succeeded in getting what we wanted. Things such as women's suffrage and the rid of segregation were not won without work and resistance. If not for resistance there would be much less freedom for all of us. Freedom is not truly free for there is also violent resistance such as war in which we have won freedoms as well. I believe that resistance is a key part of our country's foundation and function. Resistance is the reason that we arrived in America and it is the reason that we are the country that we are. If the continuance of resistance continues then there is a much likelier chance of accomplishing
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