The Role Of Perception Of Stress Management

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2.1 Role of Perception in Stress Management Stress is remarkable in its ability to ubiquitous in society, yet in of personal experience, so utterly novel to its host. The biological and physiological functions between the mind and the body are indicative of a genetic connection and predisposing to stressors. One’s social situation, which includes family connections, can also shape one’s viewpoint to stressful occurrences. Yet, life experience and learned behavior may be just as important as genetics and social interaction, when it comes to the perception of stress and what is really being asked of ourselves when we are in demand. The heredity of stress and its entire transactions stem from a human need to survive. The reactivity that we respond to, even before we understand the physiological arousal, is commonly referred to as fight-or-flight. Anecdotally, the conveniences of modern life that improve our physical well-being, food, medicine, environmental controls, are now largely taken for granted. Filling the void of physical vulnerability, due in part to our societies competitive nature, careerism, and information, has elevated the impact of emotional vulnerability. Not so say that physical threats do not exist, but in terms of encounters, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs comes to mind as social and security considerations lie circumstantial in achieving confidence upon accession to self-actualization. Understanding that stress is
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