The Role Of Performance Appraisal : Identification

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recruiting available to them to avoid some of the poor hiring decisions and they are: “current employees, referrals from current employees, former employees, formal military, customers, print and radio advertisements and internet advertising, career sites, and social media, employment agencies, and temporary workers” (p. 174). However, the hiring process does have costs attached to it, recruitment cost – acquiring applicant campus visits; selection cost – interviewing applicants; training cost – investing in applicant; and separation cost – layoffs, which also has to be taken into consideration during the hiring process because it has a major effect on the organization and the individual. After the individual has been onboard for a length of 90 days or more they go through a process call performance appraisal rating which is used to see how the individual has progressed over the probation period. This process is known as the model of performance appraisal: identification – identifies the area of work that is being examined; measurement – managers decisions on how “good” or “bad” the individual is doing; management – responsible for making sure the individual is achieving to their highest potential, feedback. Some organization measure employee performance appraisal by assigning numbers factors on a scale of 1-5, for example; 1-outstanding, 2-excellent, 3-good, 4-average, 5-poor. Performance Appraisal can also be used as an incentive and motivation for the

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