The Role Of Performance Management And The Reward System

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In my essay, I will critically assess the role of Performance Management and the reward system in organisations toward the employees and the business as a whole and outline the various types of reward and their advantages and disadvantages. I will support my essay with an examples of PM in the two very famous companies, Adidas and Dell, however, they are participating in a different market industries, both companies have the same target, to be on the top of sellers companies worldwide. A good performance management is about a quality of service toward employees and the main aim is to create a ‘culture‘ where a high standard performance is part of everyday life of the organisation. Employees are the most important part of every business and a not effective PM and de-motivation of the staff can have a direct impact on their performance in daily basis. Therefore a recruitment and selection process must be done very critically to match the ability of the new employee with the job role and avoid the employment of the wrong person. The ability, motivation and communication goes hand in hand and creating the right business environment and culcure. A managers are playing a very important role in performance management and therefore in achieving targets, improving and increasing effectivity and profitability and encouraging and supporting their staff to perform at their best, but furthermore, a bad management can bring a lots of problems such as alienation and de-motivation of the
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