The Role Of Perinatal Women Seeking Treatment For Marijuana Abuse

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Perinatal Care is generally defined as the period between the decision to conceive and a year after birth; in this critical time families involved are more likely to encounter physical, psychological and social difficulties (Rodriguez and Rivieres-Pigeon, 2007). High frequency of substance abuse before and during pregnancy shows there is a clear benefit to understanding the characteristics of those who are prone to substance abuse, and the potential risks to their unborn baby. However, there has been limited research into interventions and this can therefore be difficult to implement. The nine journal articles selected to be included in this review were chosen according to the following criteria: (1) articles to be published from 2005 onwards; (2) journals looking into similar substance abuse drugs and (3) journals using similar designs, for example experimental and retrospective studies; allowing for contrasts and comparisons on the perinatal outcomes.
Tzilos, Hess and Kao (2013) proposed to identify the profile of perinatal women seeking treatment for marijuana abuse, and the effects of this substance abuse on the outcomes on the baby following their birth. Data was collected from clinical records of 67 women who were marijuana dependent and were attending an inner city outpatient programme; attending group and individual psycho-educational and cognitive behavioural sessions. This study found that those women who continued to use marijuana throughout their pregnancy,
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