The Role Of Personality And Perception With Stress

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Stress is all in the mind
“I cannot and should not be cured of my stress, but merely taught to enjoy it.”-Hans Selye. Stress is every day fact of life. We can’t avoid it. It is believed to account most types of disease and illness and affects all the dimension of life. The World Health Organization calls stress as ‘a global epidemic’.In fact, stress is not only desirable it is also essential to life. According to Cardwell et al. (2002), 'stress is defined as a gap between the perceived demands on you and you’re your perceived coping response '. In this explore the relationship of personality and perception with stress; first the differences among physiological, environmental and transactional approaches to stress will be outlined. Then both physiological and environmental models will be critically evaluated. Finally, conclusion will be made after the discussion of individual differences in stress response with reference psychological research.
Cox (1978) identified three model of stress i.e. engineering/environmental approach-the stimulus definition, physiological/biological approach-the response definition and the transaction/interaction approach.
The engineering model argues that stress is located in the stimulus characteristics of an individual’s environment and focuses on the impact of stressor- e.g. a life event, daily hassle and. This approach, like behaviorism, they focused on the external factors-what happens to the person but not what happens within the person.…
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