The Role Of Personality Testing For Employees With High Levels Of Agreeableness

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Many personality psychologists believe that there are five basic dimensions of personality often referred to as the “Big 5” personality. One of the personality traits is agreeableness and is used to describe the degree to which a person is kind, how dependable he/she is and can also describe how cooperative he/she is in certain situations. A person that has high levels of agreeableness has qualities such as trust, altruism, kindness, affection and other prosocial behaviours. The level of agreeableness in an individual can be beneficial to employers because it can be used to predict future behaviour, job performance and interactions with existing employees. The use of personality testing can be used to figure out levels of agreeableness in…show more content…
An individual who has high levels of agreeableness is related to helping behaviours (Hurtz and Donovan 2000) and tend to prefer jobs involving significant interpersonal interactions (Mount et al. 1998). This shows that individuals with high levels of agreeableness are more suited and may perform at a higher standard in interpersonally orientated jobs such as sales and real estate. This is true as agreeable individuals are motivated to avoid conflict with others, and appear more able to do so (Graziano and Tobin 2002). In certain circumstances it is more beneficial to a hire those that are agreeable because they are better able to foster strong interpersonal relationships with customers. This is likely to be sustained in the long run as they can guarantee greater scales of return for the future. Highly agreeable people are often labelled as compassionate, polite, helpful, modest, empathetic, understanding and unselfish. As a result they tend to be well liked and able to get what they want through negotiation rather than confrontation. Having agreeable employees may also benefit the work force by creating a comfortable work environment of trust and understanding. Furthermore agreeable individuals are perfectly suited to team contexts because they tend to be more cooperative, helpful and trusting. Barrack
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