The Role Of Playing Game ( Mmorpg )

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Runescape is one of the first massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that many gamers have started with. Released in 2001, there were no games like it out there for its time. For many of us gamers, Runescape was the beginning of an amazing journey. The game was free to play on your web browser, no download necessary. Once your account was created you were able to start your adventure in the exploration of Runescape, there is no better game you can get lost in. Runescape is the missing piece of achievement, adventure, and connection that you are searching for. The concept of the game was revolutionary from the questing to the combat system. Players would have complete control on what they wanted to do. There was a ray of activities such as what type of combat, crafting, merchanting, cooking, mining, hunting, and many others. With each milestone you hit a player would feel a sense of accomplishment. The longer it took to reach that goal the more satisfying it was. This sense of achievement was what all of us craved. For many players this system of gameplay at this level was never seen before. We were used to the console games such as Zelda or Super Mario that had a set storyline to follow and a goal to reach, once completed the game was over. Unlike the typical game of the time Runescape was a never ending story. There was always something to achieve and conquer within the game setting it apart from Zelda and Super Mario. Each day there is always something
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