The Role Of Political Politics On Political Elections

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Adam Szymanski Professor Rushboldt Elections in America 12/9/16 The Role of Money in Elections The role of money in political elections has become a topic of curiosity both to political observers and political scientists. There have been a number of studies done in order to find out if money truly does affect the outcome of an election. Some studies have found that there money does not impact the vote while on the other hand there are studies that have come to the conclusion that money does indeed make a difference of whether one wins an election or not. In this paper I plan on uncovering the truth of whether or not money can make the ultimate difference when it comes to winning an election. In order to fully understand if can influence the outcomes of election it is first important to realize how much money is involved with political elections. In 1992, there was 350$million spent on local campaigns for county, municipal and regional offices. That number does not even compare to the 7billion spent by candidates, parties and outside groups in the 2012 presidential election. With all this money being pumped into the election it is first crucial to understand where all this money is actually coming from. One of the major contributors to elections are Political Action Committees(PACs). PACs are an organization that collects campaign contributions from its members and then donates the funds to various campaigns either for or against a certain candidate. In the 1998
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