The Role Of Principal And Teacher Retention

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Appendices Appendix A Consent Form Dear Potential Participant, You are invited to participate in the qualitative research study of The Role of the Principal and Teacher Retention. The purpose of this study is to better understand teacher retention and teacher attrition among elementary school teachers in Prince George’s County Public Schools. In this study, I will attempt to understand what factors are “in play” that result in better rates of teacher retention – specifically, what, if anything are principals in those schools doing that seem to lead to higher rates of teacher retention. You are invited because your experiences and the school’s demographics are the fundamental building blocks of this study. In this study, you will be interviewed and/or observed. The data collected from you will be analyzed qualitatively and then provide insight into current use patterns and effectiveness. The findings will support the knowledgebase for future research on teacher retention. Your participation and contribution to this study is highly appreciated. There is no risk or discomfort associated with your participation. The information you provide is confidential, and all the names of the participants in the data will be coded in pseudonyms. All the written and recorded data will be destroyed at the end of this research. Your participation in this study is highly valued and voluntary. You may withdraw your participation any time during the process of this study by notifying
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