The Role Of Production And Employment On Australia 's Economy

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Part A The roles of production and employment in Australia’s economy is crucial as they are in an interrelationship with all sectors and this is the basis of how money and resources are distributed throughout a country. This is because employees help make the goods and services which we as consumers use and then they get paid to do so but then the employees buy these goods and services with the money which they earned. Not only do workers help one another via supplying each other with money and resources but they also help the Government’s budget by giving them their taxation income. With this money, the Government can then use it to support the people of the nation by providing benefits such as welfare benefits and public services. All…show more content…
The video game crash peaked at around 3.2 billion dollars in 1983 and then fell to approximately 100 millions dollars by 1985 and this caused one of the major companies of the time (Atari) going from 10,000 employees in Silicon valley to less than a thousand in six months. Some of the key sectors in Australia is retail, fishing, education and training, construction and transport. In 2016, the retail market in Australia is currently in a downfall state with self-service checkouts taking over human workers due to them having a better return on investment whereas in the 1990s, it was a flourishing and rising employer due to the increases in the amount of shops being opened and because there were more spenders. This is shown by retail trades’ employment increase of approximately 18% from 1989-1999. Another example is in the transport sector; this sector is on the brink of being taken over by artificial intelligence (self-driving vehicles) within the next few years. Currently, there are already some cars on the road which are fully automated such as Google’s self-driving car which can drive relatively safely as shown in the many test trials for the car. Meanwhile, in the 1990s it was a fully manual service with human drivers driving the car; it was also a increasing employer (from 1989-1999 it increased
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