The Role Of Professional Networking And How It Can Assist With Career Development

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Career Development: Networking Networking is an important part of career development and has been around for a many years. However, how individuals network has changed dramatically over the last few years with the inventions of social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. This paper will discuss the role of professional networking and how it can assist with career development.
Professional networking is about making and maintaining relationships with individuals who could benefit one’s career. By talking with individuals, getting to know more about them and their professional position, learning about their jobs and career experiences, and maintaining the relationships are all part of networking (PSU, 2015). There are multiple ways to network; individual face to face communication, through social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, or through professional organizations. One type of networking is used to gain information and knowledge about a particular career or job. For a student or someone who is changing career paths, just getting to know an individual in a position that is being sought is networking. Being able to garner information about that person’s experiences may be sufficient for the individual to know if that is a career path they want to follow, or conversely, the information gained may be sufficient enough for the individual to know that it is a path they are no longer interested in (PSU, 2015). Networking most generally
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