The Role Of Project Management Arrangements And The Sqa Specialist

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THE ROLE OF PROJECT MANAGERS CIS 517 IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT DR. ROMY LU STRAYER UNIVERSITY SUNIL PAUDEL 10/27/2015 A project is a combined activity which is carried out by group of peoples with a similar aim. The properties of entities are known as attributes. The project management arrangements include the following: • Identifies the SQA obligations of the undertaking group and the SQA specialist. • Defines SJ-RT audits and reviews and how they will be directed. • Lists the exercises, procedures, and work items that the SQA expert will survey and review. • Identifies the SQA work items. The project management is mostly used in production industry as well as in IT…show more content…
Business Requirements Provide Web-based access to cars inventory. Capability to provide more details to customers about a particular model, provide pictures and other details to customers. Business Values Increase sales by 3%, increase market share by 1%, Increase customer base up to 200miles of reach from the dealer. Special Issues Need a team who will keep the website updated, and take customer queries, Increase cost of implementing the system and training the sales team. A manager is a person who is responsible for providing the communication among all the different channels of the system or project. While accomplishing the necessary trade-offs there would be some confusion to which most of the options would be pursued as the main objective of the system elements which conducts the various analysis trade-offs that are used to determine the important and best way so as to respond to the question of how. Project manager assign the work to the members but he has to motivate them to reach the desired results. Motivation helps the members to improve their performance. The points to show the organization of work storage area are as given below: • There are three areas set up in which the programmers work. • These areas are can be at different physical locations, on server or separate server. • The three areas are divided as the development area, testing area and a production area. • The files and

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