The Role Of Psychology As A Scientific Discipline

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Since the emergence of psychology as a scientific discipline, scientists have conducted several studies to examine the ways in which women and men might differ. Many different areas have been a target of gender difference research, among these are emotions. Emotions have always been regarded as an important aspect of human behaviour and experience. Over the first few years of life, for example, emotions are one of the only forms of communication an infant has to communicate happiness or distress with their caregivers. As a result, learning to express emotions is a fundamental aspect of healthy human development for both women and men. Nevertheless, in society there is a common view that women are more emotionally expressive than men and that certain emotions are more common of women, while others are more common among men. However, one might wonder if this is simply just another gender stereotype present in society or if there are actual scientific evidences that demonstrate that this is indeed true. It is very important to examine this issue because certain assumptions have the ability to have significant impacts on the way in which we interact with one another, and can also have an impact in our society as a whole. This paper will begin by first defining what an emotion is, then proceed to examining how emotions develop, if different aspects of emotions differ between men and women, and conclude by reviewing two different topics: stereotypes regarding emotional

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