The Role Of Public Administration Within Bureaucracy

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Bureaucrat is a dirty word to some people in modern society, so how can a bureaucracy be a good thing? Many Public Administration theorist, argue that bureaucracy is essential to the growth and expansion of the United States. Most of the criticism of the bureaucracy within the government is based on myth versus reality. Federal agencies play a critical and a valuable role within society and are indispensable to the operations of the federal government. Bureaucracy can be simply defined as the system in which decision are made by Public Administrators rather than elected officials (legislator) within the government. However, when the average citizen of just says the single word bureaucracy thoughts and images of evoked over how negative…show more content…
This formation of hierarchical control allows government organizations to run lean and efficient while serving the greatest good to society. Max Weber concluded that the formation of a government bureaucracy is critical to its success in administrating public goods and the interests of the government. The disadvantages and advantages are numerous on both sides of bureaucratic theory. One of the major cons of bureaucracy is the system of patronage. The patronage system is basically where the president appoints individuals to certain positions as Public Administrators as a reward for their service to them. This system of bureaucracy also supports the spoils system which runs along the lines of political parties. In this system all Public Administrators are fired by the new political party in office to ensure their ideals and agenda are promoted. However, despite Max Weber’s theory that bureaucracies are like iron “iron cages” that are a efficient form of administration. Prior to modern government reform patronage, spoils, and bribery were just part of the political environment for Public Administrators. In today’s, modern government Public Administrators are hired based on the merit and technical qualifications that secure the individual can carry out the duties of the office. However, Public Administrators are forced to work in a hierarchical organization
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