The Role Of Public Or Private Interventions

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1.5 QOL measurement

In order to understand the QOL in a particular setting, such as a city, we need to measure conditions in that place using sets of indicators. Furthermore, we need to monitor changes in those conditions over time in order to appraise or determine if and how those conditions have changed. And if they have changed, we need to determine if they have improved or deteriorated and by how much. This effort might include evaluating the impact of various public or private interventions which sought to improve conditions.
We know that different people may have different perceptions and therefore make different subjective judgments about the things which impinge on their QOL including specific attributes of their urban environment. To adequately investigate those aspects of QOL, we need to use model frameworks and collect data to operationalize those frameworks within a particular context. (Stimson, 2011)

Following the longstanding controversy in social indicators research, two approaches to measure quality of life are identified as “objective” or social indicators, and the measurement of subjective well-being. While the objective approach focuses on measuring ‘hard’ facts, such as income or living accommodation, the subjective approach is concerned with ‘soft’ matters such as satisfaction with income and perceived adequacy of dwelling. (Khalil, 2012)

1.5.1 The objective approaches

The objective approach which is most typically confined to the analysis and
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