The Role Of Punishment Of Filicide In The Death Penalty

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This is an annotated bibliography for research on why the punishment of Filicide should result in the Death Penalty. I am researching why the act of killing ones child or your very own should result in the abolishment of your life as well.
“Filicide: The Unfathomable Crime.” (2015) ProQuest. Aug.2016. Web
In this article, the many different types of Filicide are defined and given examples to give you a better perspective on what they mean. Signs of what to look for if this crime is happening is discussed and who is likely to commit these crimes as to who would be the victim. Such signs would be, Altruistic filicide, Acute psychotic filicide, Accidental filicide, Unwanted child filicide, and Spousal revenge filicide. The methods
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They also discussed the multiple definitions of filicide, Infanticide and Neonaticide. The discussion of motives to killing the children has popped up through every article about Filicide and how it is an unthinkable crime. Rates of who were killed and who they were killed by are inserted in this information along with statistics about what happened to the murders. I will use this research efficiently in my paper to give valuable statistics to the reader and give them a better look and perspective about the idea of…show more content…
Canning. "Ambivalence toward mothers who kill: An examination of 45 US cases of maternal neonaticide." Behavioral sciences & the law 28.6 (2010): 812-831. Shelton discussed different cases of Neonaticide in the article and observes the histories behind them all. He stated the age and race, the occupational status, the household living arrangements, the legal outcomes and a lot of important information that the reader can take in about these murders. Information like this is good because it helps the reader understand where these criminals came from and all of their background information, especially the legal outcome because it states how the case ended. I am using this research in my paper to show the statistics of the sentencing that these criminals got.
Chase, Meghan. "The Chivalry Hypothesis & Filicide: Are There Categorical Differences between Mothers and Fathers who kill their Children?."Undergraduate Review 4.1 (2008):

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