The Role Of Racism In Canada

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The Government's Role
“I carry a piece of identification in my wallet based on my ethnicity.” Wab Kinew (Huffington Post, 2016). The outcome of First Nation’s funding for education, and quality health care is based on their ethnicity. There are two forms racism in this country, the rude name calling that is not as bad as it was back 50 years ago, but it still exist in our day and age today. The other form is a more of a silent one that the government performs which First Nations people are born into and are blind too. And they try to keep this on the DL, which is sick. The lack of funding to first nations education. “Indigenous students receiving $4,000 less per pupil in annual funding than every other Canadian kid.” (Huffington Post, 2016). So obviously Canada has a big problem on their hands.

Numbers are our Reality
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An unemployment that is twice the national rate, dropout rate of 23% (20-24 year without a high school diploma, not in school), a median income that is $10,000 less than the average Canadian (Canada racism problem, 2015). When the Canadian government does not do anything to improve these numbers, there is obviously something wrong with the way our country is being run. Racism started with the Government's of this continent. With the intentions of trying to kill the indian with in the indian. The residential school era, has caused the children, to be damaged. Not being raised by their parents, they were not taught the proper way to raise a child. The child would also be lost in this knowledge, in raising a child. and be damaged from an im proper uprising so what do they turn to? Alcohol, and drugs, which now we see this in our day to day lives as First Nations people such as High school dropouts, unemployment and low-income to support
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