The Role Of Recording Industry Association Of America Essay

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The Role of the RIAA in Protecting Intellectual Copyright This paper examines the role of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in protecting the intellectual copyright of recordings from illegal downloading, which continues to be a major problem for the recording industry despite repeated efforts to stop this practice by consumers. This role of the RIAA relates to the business and economic aspects of the recording industry and illegal downloads from online platforms. The RIAA’s role in addressing illegal downloading has involved lobbying governments for enforcement of copyrights, litigation against private parties (individuals and organizations), engaged in illegal downloads, and marketing campaigns encouraging customers to refrain from engaging in illegal downloads. The paper begins with a background on how the technological developments led to the problem of illegal downloads before examining the role of the RIAA in curbing this practice. The analysis then concludes with the finding that the RIAA has been deficient in curbing this practice, resulting in significant losses in sales, revenues, and profits for the recording industry. History of Illegal Downloads The problem of illegal downloading in the recording industry was a result of specific technological developments. It was the development of MP3 file formats for digital audio recordings, which first emerged in the early 1990s, but did not become a significant copyright threat to the recording industry

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