The Role Of Recruiting New Staff For Expanded Business

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Human Resource
Expanding business operations means opening new branches and offices of the organization in new locations. Setting up a totally distinctive new branch has quite a few challenges. But the biggest challenge in expanding a business is recruiting new employees (Carmeli, 2008). As a result, in this paper, we will discuss various steps and processes of recruiting new staff for the expanded business.
Types of positions The first step after opening the new branch should be putting together a fully functioning management team. A management team involves employees in different positions. So, it’s vital to determine the available positions and the set of qualification as well as requirement methods to hire new employees and build up
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Vice President of Marketing or Marketing Manager -- Few businesses can be successful without marketing their products to the customer. The individual in this slot must have both marketing and industry experience ("Human Resources: Recruitment & Selection Hiring Process", 2017). The required qualification of this position requires an individual to be a senior and experienced employee of the organization.
Principle Finance Officer. This position can also be combined with the vice president position to fit two roles into one position. The principal officer of finance will work with all kinds of financials operations of the new branch. His job includes managing financial deals, monitoring profit, and liabilities, providing flawless balance sheets and monitoring assets ("Human Resources: Recruitment & Selection Hiring Process", 2017). He will responsible for providing monthly financial reports of the branch to the head office.
For this position, the individual must have at least 3 experience in the financial sector or any recognized organization. A master’s degree in finance is optional.
Key Personnel and Staffs
In any office, the main tasks are done by the staffs and non-executive employees. They carry out tasks and report back to the executives (Carmeli, 2008). Stated below are the non-executive employee positions that need to be added.
Operations Manager. He is the leader of operations (Carmeli,
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