The Role Of Recruitment And Selection For Employee Performance And Positive Organizational Outcomes

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Recruitment and selection can play a very important role in shaping an organization’s effectiveness and performance, by thus organizations are able to hire workers who already possess relevant knowledge, skills and aptitude and are able to make an accurate visibility about their future abilities. Recruitment and selection also has an important role to play in increasing worker performance and positive organizational outcomes. It is often claimed that selection of workers occur not just to replace resigning employees or add to a workforce but rather aims to select workers who have skills and are able to work efficiently. With the increase in globalization and competition all over the world, recognition of human resource as a potential…show more content…
There are two type of sourcing that is internal sources and external sources. INTERNAL SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT Internal sources refer recruitment from within the organization. This is important source of recruitment as it provides opportunities for better development and utilization of existing human resources in the organization. Some aspects of recruitment under internal sources are- PROMOTION- It refers to the promoting of an employee who is already working in a company and contributing in the performance of organization. In this employee is shifted to the higher position with more responsibilities, pay and facilities as well as status. Many companies use this technique to fill there higher job vacancies. Also this motivates the other employees to work better so they can also get promoted. TRANSFERS- Transfer is lateral shift of a person from one position to another. It is the process interchanging the job duties or responsibilities of employee from one place to another or from one department to another without any promotion in their position. JOB POSTING- This is an open invitation to all the employees to apply for a vacant position. All employees get the opportunities to appear for the test and best one is selected for the position. It gives equal
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