The Role Of Registered Nurses

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Throughout time there have been many historical and political factors that have influenced the Australian healthcare system and shaped the role of Registered Nurses. As healthcare professionals within this system, it is important for RNs to maintain a contemporary understanding of key influences. For example, Florence Nightingale is one of the main historical factors which has played a major role in impacting the way nursing is approached and how nurses can advocate for patients to provide a proper caring and healing environment for patients and their loved ones. Another influencing factor being political is Medicare. Medicare is another major influencing factor that has shaped healthcare and healthcare access in Australian society. The…show more content…
To clearly present the growing sanitation issues, Nightingale used her mathematical knowledge and drew static graphs which proved her hypothesis and was accepted by the Royal Commission which allowed for her ideas of improved sanitation to be implemented within hospitals as it verified that it did in fact improve the conditions of patients’ health and decrease the mortality rate (Wakely & Carson, 2012). Since the time of Florence Nightingale, it was made possible for nurses to be valued members of society who not only promote patient well-being but also provide a safe and caring environment for the healing process. Nightingale found that effective use of patient advocacy greatly enhances the care-giving environment (Reed, Fitzgerald & Rae, 2016). Through the study of Nightingale’s many letters and publications, researchers have been able to identify her professional goals and successful techniques, that she was one who valued populist human rights and created authority standards and practices that give helpful support systems to nurses practicing in the 21st century (Wellard, 2014). Florence
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