The Role Of Relational Maintenance Within Sibling Relationships

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Many factors can affect the effectiveness of relational maintenance within sibling relationships, such as effort to maintain relationships, age of siblings, and how related they are among other things. In romantic relationships, individuals may experience a higher level of satisfaction within a relationship if their partners’ use of relational maintenance tactics compares favorably to their own (Dainton, 2000). It is possible for this to also be the case for adult sibling relationships since these would be life-long relationships that one would be born into instead of relationships one would form by choice and at any point of their lives. However, those involved in romantic relationships may not experience a greater level of relational satisfaction from relational maintenance the longer there are involved in a relationship. Whether or not this is also the case for adult siblings is an interesting question as there are a variety of factors that can positively or negatively affect their relationships over the course of time. These would include involvement with each other’s families, geographic distance, and continued involvement with parents among other factors. The current amount of relational satisfaction between adult siblings can be compared to that of when they were children; and can also be compared between adult siblings at different stages of their adult life. When there is more relational maintenance being placed into sibling relationships, there may be a greater

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