The Role Of Relationship In The Life Of Antony And The Life Of St. Macrina

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The role of relationship is an important part of the ascetic life both in The Life of Antony and The Life of St. Macrina. The ascetic life is when one abstains from sensual pleasure. Both texts have empowering and devoted relationships between two people that further the ascetics on their path of transformation in Christ. In The Life of Antony, the relationship of greatest importance is between Antony and God. While in the The Life of St. Macrina the strongest relationship was between Macrina and her mother.
Antony was an Egyptian that was born from two christian parents. He practiced the ascetic life from an early age, even before he discovered his love for God. For example, he always accompanied his parents to church and was not known to to beg them for luxuries, but rather was content with what he had. Furthermore, after the death of Antony’s parents, God spoke to him telling him “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.” (Ant. 31) God was giving Antony his first test, and Antony followed God's words exactly. Immediately after hearing the Lord’s advice Antony and sold everything he had and donated all of his earnings to the poor. It was at that moment when Antony became devoted to God and the ascetic life. As he became more zealous with God Antony began giving up eating, except for bread, prayed in private, and even slept on the ground. All of his discipline towards Christ lead his
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