The Role Of Religion And Sociological Perspective

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The Role of Religion in Sociological Perspective Religion is a system of beliefs that many of us may not understand in detail. However, the intention of this paper is to describe the role of religion in my personal life, and to briefly explain the functionalist perspective, the symbolic interactionism perspective, types of religious groups, and religion in the United States with the sole purpose to understand religion concepts in a sociological perspective and my personal point of view. The role of religion in my life does not exist, as I am not a religious person. I believe that it is not necessary to follow a particular religion/denomination to practice morality and ethics during our life on earth. I do apply, however (with my own interpretations) the wisdom of the Bible to my life, especially the Ten Commandments. I do believe in one God and I do believe that human’s purpose in life is to take care of God’s creation, to follow God’s words, and to love and accept others no matter what background, religion, status, race, or culture. I find the world and everything in it to work to perfection for me to believe that we were created by mere coincidence and evolution (concepts that Atheist’s faith may be based on). Therefore, if I have to relate my worldview to a certain denomination, I would accept that my views are closely related to Theism, which is the belief in the existence of one perfect, divine being. In order to understand the concepts
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