The Role Of Religion In Ancient Egypt

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This paper is going to focus on the society of the Egyptians and how religion played a role in their lives. Ancient Egypt has become the first that has developed religion along the Nile River which was considered the most abundant land with fertile soil. Fertile soil was seen along the banks of the Nile River producing abundant food and crops for the people to sustain their lives. People of ancient Egypt worked hard to build homes and villages by mud-bricks, everyone lived in houses and homes made of mud-bricks even Pharaohs did so as well. This essay will focus on books concerning with Egyptian religion and will be using the book “The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt” written by Aiden Dodson. Furthermore, the essay will be centered on the Egyptian society concerning with religion. Religion in this essay has to deal with Pharaohs, labor, people, and mythology. The Egyptian society involves growing their own food and trading it with other goods that they could not find to sustain their life. The same mud-bricks that people had built were also built for…show more content…
Inside the pyramids, they were decorated in stars and constellations. Temples were built to house the cult statues of gods. Egypt was main governed by Pharaohs, thus they had authority to use their commands which were commanded by Gods. For the society that had been impacted through religion it played an important role such as carrying out certain rituals so that people would be able to carry them out in temples in times of worshipping. For priests, they would respond to gods and listen to what they wanted to do. Priests were seen as a replacement for Pharaohs that was why they would listen to what they had to say. Their beliefs were the main focus of their society that they had built their lives on. Throughout this essay it is clear that religion is a huge effect on their
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