The Role Of Religion In The Middle Ages

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During the Middle Ages or the Medieval times, religion was a huge aspect of many people’s lives, especially the Christians. During the early Middle Ages, Christianity was a new religion that was not accepted in the Roman Empire. As it became more popular and the religion spread, it soon became the religion of the Roman Empire, and people began to worship openly. As the Middle Ages progressed, it quickly became the most popular religion. Churches were built and they were a huge influencer. Art was also a huge influencer, as many artists who were Christian created sculptures, paintings, and other forms of art to display their devotion to Christ. People of the faith would also use these forms of art to worship. Depictions of Christ in his early life were very prominent during this time, and people would visit them and worship these forms of art. People would go to or create these artworks that depicted the early life of Christ, whether they were sculptures or paintings, to show their devotion to the faith, to worship, and also for expanding their influence. During the Middle Ages, people of the Christian faith would both create and visit these artworks that depicted the early life of Christ to show their devotion to the religion. Even though religious art has been around since the beginning of Christianity, it became very prominent during the central Middle Ages when an abundant amount of churches, abbeys, and cathedrals were being built. These establishments were being
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